Sunday, December 15, 2013

SWATCH: Everyday Minerals Haul

Woohoo Everyday Minerals Haul! Grabbed myself 3 full sized mineral foundations, 3 eyeshadows, and 2 brushes.

There was one thing I noticed however... My normal "colour" which is Beige Neutral, is now DIFFERENT?? See the picture below, the old formula of Beige Neutral (very left) is next to 2 pots of the new formula of Beige Neutral. The new one is so much lighter!!! Eeep


What a waste of 2 pots! Its so much lighter than my skin tone... but on the other hand it looks like I have found myself a perfect match with the Honey Beige (Jojoba Base).

I also scored myself some free samples of other shades, here are the swatches below:

Now onto the pretty are they! My 2 faves are Everlasting love and Songbird.

Love them. So soft and smooth. Not really sure what they are for just yet but they looked interesting in store, apparently both are japanese inspired. Sounds legit.

Heres all the products in action! Contouring with the dark sample mineral foundation with my new brush and an eyeshadow look using the 3 mineral eyeshadow colours :)

REVIEW : MasterShape by Eyestudio, Maybelline

Eyebrows Eyebrows Eyebrows!! 
Always been on the hunt for a good eyebrow pencil that is more of a dark ash brown colour that matches my hair colour. Tested this out at the shop and thought it was pretty sweet so here's the review.

Product Body:
  • Comes capped at both ends - one end is the spoolie and the other end is the pencil
  • Pencil body feels like plastic... at first I thought "there is no way you can sharpen this", but turns out you can??? Just twist it harder through the sharpener, it actually works! I had to email Maybelline to find this out - oops :p
  • Spoolie - the BEST spoolie I have ever used. Use it to comb through your brows and to brush out and even the colour distribution. Its small, compact, bristles are great, love it.


Some comparison swatches with other pencils:
  1. MasterShape by Eyestudio Maybelline - Colour is amazingly natural for my hair, and the consistency is waxy which means its colour and wax in one! All you would ever need. Gives a very natural finish.
  2. Professional Eyebrow Pencil by Rimmel - Not a fan of this one actually, Consistency is alright but the brush on the cap is useless. The thing I like least is the colour, it doesn't match me? It would match someone with mid brown hair that has very very warm tones.
  3. Eyebrow Designer by Essence - I probably don't use this very much because I bought the blonde colour - I would use this more when I dye my hair lighter. It looks around the same colour as the Maybelline one swatched on my hand but the Maybelline one is actually a lot darker, its just more sheer because its waxy.

Product in action! Super natural. I do recommend this for everyday use and you can layer it to make it darker.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

SWATCH & REVIEW: Inglot Lip Paint in 68

Been meaning to swatch this gorgeous Lip Paint pot. Picked it up from INGLOT in colour 68.

A wonderful consistency between a gel and cream. Highly pigmented but gel properties mean that opacity can be adjusted. Very moisturising but leaves a stain due to pigmentation which is good for work days where you don't want your pale lips showing after you eat lunch.

Only thing is that this requires a lip brush. Unless of course you don't mind using your fingers.

Swatched on my lips quite sheerly, it can be applied a lot more opaque than this.

Overall a really decent product. Give it a shot next time you find yourself at an INGLOT counter.

LOTD: Round goggly eyes

So uh. Yeah. I was in a rush yet again to get ready to hit the clubs and I managed to snap a photo before I left. Not really sure what I used but my lashes were oversized and made me look like i have big round goggly eyes hence the name of this post.

Dress by Mink Pink 
Earrings by Lovisa

The idea was to have browns for eyeshadow and coral for lips.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

REVIEW: Essence - Stay no matter what liquid liner

I had this little baby catch my eye on a trip to priceline, the Stays no matter what 16hr waterproof liquid liner by Essence. Priceline has probably only started stocking this brand recently in the past 12 months and I must say, I love the fun quality products you get for such a small price! 

I kid you not. It cost me a grand total of $4.25 at RRP (and is one of the higher priced product of the range). 

Nice packaging, no complaints at all. Twist off cap with attached wand.

Long brush tip which moved really nicely and was soft which is great so you're not scratching around your eye area. Coated with a nice amount of product. So far so good!

Application was super easy and really comfortable. I drew a nice line with ease and in moments with no dry areas or draggy bits! The soft brush made it easy to create a flick with a brushy edge. 

Does it stand the test of time? Well now it has been 8 hours on and I don't see any need for touchups at all.

Overall I have to say, I've tried liquid liners from BYS to Clinique and even Gel liners with brush applicators from Maybelline and this one, my friends, has been my favorite so far, and for the price it costs - can somebody say godsend?

I highly recommend this.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

SWATCHES: NYX Round Lipstick B52 Dupes

Alright so I know that "dupe" posts are usually done to find a cheaper duplicate of expensive branded colours and shades, however I have found that my all time favourite "everything goes", "my lips but better" colour is the all famous NYX Round lippie in B52, I love it and its the only lipstick I've managed to reach the bottom of the tube of!

So, whats my issue? I can't get it in Australia without paying a premium, and since I know its not a high end formula however I am in love with the colour and creaminess, I wanted to find something with a duplicate colour that either matched the price that I could source locally (without the premiums and shipping costs), or if I had to pay more, the formula had to be of higher quality.

So here we have it, Ive found 2 close shades to my fave B52.

NYX Round Lipstick in B52 (4g) = $4.00 (plus shipping costs from the US!)
BYS Matte Lipstick in Salsa (3.5g) = $3.95
Chi Chi Viva La Diva Matte Lipstick in Style Stealer (3.7g) = $18.95

BYS Matte Lipstick in Salsa
This lipstick is cheap as chips and I can buy it locally here in Perth (Western Australia). At $3.95 I can get a tube of my favourite go-to colour in a very soft matte finish. In comparison to the NYX, the formula is not nearly as creamy and maintains a very firm and sturdy tube of colour. Does this mean the colour is hard and flakey? Absolutely not! It applies with a wonderful matte and feathery soft finish if you can imagine that. The texture is great and colour is buildable. This shade has slightly more warmth to it than the B52 which is a tad bit more mauve.

Chi Chi Viva La Diva Matte Lipstick in Style Stealer
I'm not sure as to why they called it a "Matte Lipstick" (perhaps because it doesn't have any shimmers), but this formula is a gorgeous gorgeous cream formula. Just as rich and creamy as the NYX B52 but you can definitely tell the difference in terms of higher quality (at $18.95 you'd hope so!). Think buttery and creamy, but sturdier than the B52 (which always broke and moved around in the tube because it was weaker and basically creaming on itself in its own fault lines). The colour is slightly towards the lighter mauve/pink side and lacks that earthy tone through it that the BYS lipstick has. Also, there is a slight botanical scent which gives a mental indication of higher quality ingredients (think along the lines of a faint jurlique smell), YEP, smells expensive!

Im really loving the colour balance of mauve and earthy tones in the BYS matte lipstick and I will definitely be reaching for this one for work. However the Chi Chi Viva La Diva is the go-to if I need some moisturising on my pout and a slightly lighter colour (or an overall more luxurious application and wear experience).

Friday, May 17, 2013

SHOPPING: Lovisa and Colette Jewellery Sale

Who loves a good sale, I know I do! Look at these bargains. HAPPY :D
Now for their closeups.

I love these jewellery bargains, you can find some awesome pieces that are so cheap but don't even look cheaply made. I also tried to get some smaller pieces as I get more wear out of them day to day.Last but not least, me wearing the dark red Lovisa earrings. VAMPY!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

NOTD: Milky Pink with Black Tip Nails

A French style manicure featuring a milky pink base and black tips. A special request from my man!

Loved the way it turned out, however it did take many coats to build up the milkiness of the sheer pink, many applications of the black to try get it as smooth of a curve as possible, and many top coats to encapsulate any lumps from layering! 

I probably a few hours doing them :o (but I was doing things inbetween coats like watching episodes of CSI, on my computer, even taking in the laundry etc). I didnt want to pile a thick layer on all at once because that would be impossible to dry! The finished product is worth it however - oh so smooth, glossy, and awesome.


Maybelline Salon Expert in Sheer Ballet Pink: Beautiful milky pink shade strengthening formula polish with a curved precision brush. I layered this god knows how many times until I achieved a gorgeous cloudy 'acrylic effect'.

Jezy Nailpolish in 45 (black): Just a $2 cheap polish sold in most Australian pharmacies, still relatively full so it still has a decent runny consistency for smooth painting. 2 Coats to reach complete opacity, but I applied more times just because I kept trying to get the curve perfect.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat: I absolutely LOVE this stuff, dries so fast, coats like a wonder. Its smooth, glossy, hides lumps and bumps from annoying lumpy polish beneath ;) I applied 2-3 coats for that thick glossy acrylic look.


Monday, June 11, 2012

SHOPPING: Claw Bracelet & Fingerless Gloves

Got some goodies in the mail!! Aww yea :)

PURCHASE 1: Eagle Claw Talon Bracelet

A super sick claw bracelet. Can anybody say wild? 
Got this off eBay from seller eyeliketobuystuff (haha) for only AUD 6.45 and free shipping! Super sturdy metal, a nice dirty copper bronze finish, featuring a hinged clamp style mechanism - i do like it a lot. I'm pretty sure I've seen more out there sold in silver and a bright and shiny gold finish. Plus there are talon rings too.

PURCHASE 2: Fingerless Palm Gloves

I have bought gloves before from eBay - some good, some bad - one of which was made out of lesser-quality material (stiff and plastic-like with raw edges with the lining poking out in an unsightly manner) and it just wasn't my cup of tea. However this one is a win! Thin/refined & soft leathery quality with a nice comfortable lining. Perfect for a fresh to chilly day or clubbing at night when its a little colder. 

Feels good on hands, looks like leather (specifies it is made out of quality faux leather), because its thin it doesn't make hands look bulky which is awesome, stitching is slightly off but its so minute no one will notice - besides I only paid AUD$ 15.70 for them! Great deal for the better quality gloves. There are ones on eBay going for $5 - $12 but I'm pretty sure those are the thick plastic-like ones. Ew!

This one was a great purchase - will go back for more colours ;)
Bought them from this store

Action shot! 
P.s. Natural nails for breathing time. New look coming up soon ;)