Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stuffyouu cherryculture :( it...that after i have ordered some stuff...cherry culture goes on to have a freakin secret 25% off NYX sale....WHYYYYYYY

im never buying anything thats not over 20% sale AGAIN :( HMPH

international shipping is bad enough, it pretty much eradicates the discount anyways.

P.S uni is killing me. save me?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio : Irresistible Ivy

The name just caught my "eye" :P

Suits me dontcha think?

Just found it while browsing, its only in America so i doubt I'd be thinking of pulling an arm to get it any time soon! Just thought the name was coincidental :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

CherryCulture Ships in Sweet Time ;)

its literally only been 4 or 5 days since i placed my order on and it arrived this morning!!! from america to australia that fast? buying stuff from there usually takes about 2 weeks or more! amazed...

reviews will be up soon. i just cant do them today because its me and my hunnie's 22nd lunaversary ;) (aka 22 months / 1 year and 10 months) so we are going out to see a mooovieee :) wub him :D

i might edit this post later to add in the reviews, or should i just post separately? dunooo....

kk g2g movie now ciao xx :D

-------- *UPDATE* IM BACK WITH (lots of) PICTURES------

The parcel!! eee!

bubble wrapped in minipacks

The products are (top to bottom, left to right):

1. NYX concealer in a jar - Medium
2. L.A Girl Diamond Top Coat
3. L.A Girl Calcium Builder
4. Amuse Ultra Fine Liner - Brown
5. Amuse Ultra Fine Liner - Black
6. L.A Colors  Auto Eyeliner - Black
7. Jordana Quickliner eyes - 09 Cocoa
8. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
9. NYX triple shadow palette - Lake Moss
10. 4x NYX Round Glosses
11. 2x NYX MegaShine Lipglosses

REVIEW L.A Girl treatments : Calcium Builder

Price: $2.69 ( sale)

Brush: The brush is quite slimlined, thin, and is made of see through bristles. Its a really good size for smooth application as it holds/deposits/spreads the right amount. I really like this brush :) Makes painting nails easier!

Colour: Although it shows a milky tint in the bottle, it shows up clear and shiny on nails, even after i applied 5 coats to build up thickness.

Drying Speed: The drying speed is quite good, even as you start building up your layers you can start to feel the sticky drag (dont worry it doesnt leave streaks at all! it sets oh-so-smoooth). To me this is a good thing, so you know that its not just watery polish with no substance, after all, it is supposed to be a nail treatment!

Does it deliver what it claims?: Overall i do feel that my nail gets thicker and stronger with more layers of this stuff, i originally bought this because i had a waitressing job and the constant wetting of my hands make my nails brittle and weak (and layers would peel off! yuck!). Time to get my nails back into shape!

REVIEW NYX Round Glosses / NYX Mega Shine Lipglosses

Nyx Round Glosses:
1. Queen of Africa
2. Mauve
3. Sorbet
4. Whipped
Nyx MegaShine Lipglosses:
5. Smokey Look
6. Dolly Pink

NYX Round Glosses

Price: $1.80 ( sale)
Amount: 2.5ml

Applicator: Doe foot applicator, angled. REALLY STIFF :( makes it harder to apply a gloss that is a thin consistency! The fluffs on the doe foot applicator are sooo short that it hardly helps to soften the application. My suggestion is to turn the applicator into a brush tip! yay!

Colour: Many many many different shades available for sale!!! Some with shimmer, some without, some colours are more pigmented than others.

Sorbet can be seen to slightly even out liptones and add a nice gloss, however its still abit thin/see-thru in places and i think it would look better if lipstick was used as a base.

You can also see how see-through queen of africa is. i was expecting more of the deep purple with a blue duochrome like seen in the bottle. nevertheless, its still a gorgeous vampy plum and would look better over a lipstick!

Texture: These glosses are very thin, but smooth/moisturising and not sticky, so they are comfortable to wear; so comfortable in fact, that sometimes i feel that i could forget i was even wearing it! You can see from the swatches above how thin they are, especially "Queen of Africa" as compared to "dolly pink" from the Megashine range below.

The only thing that surprised me here is that although its very thin, it was rather hard to wipe off while doing swatches, making me think that it could actually/possibly last me some time throughout the day if i were to wear it!

Smell: This is the only thing that bothers me. It smells like my orange home surface wipes...aka it feels like im eating orange detergent.

NYX MegaShine Lip Glosses

Price: $3.37 ( sale)
Amount: 15ml
Applicator: Doe foot applicator, angled, larger than the round glosses! It has more/longer 'fluffs' on the applicator and is a tiny bit more flexible than the applicators of the round glosses.
Colour: As above, many many different shades available for sale, some colours being more pigmented than others, like Dolly Pink! Smokey Look had the slightest amount of very refined shimmers and the colour itself is sheerer, and Dolly Pink remains a shimmerless and extremely vibrant Barbie hot pink.

Dolly Pink could be worn on its own, but Smokey look should be worn over a nude lipstick or lips set with some sort of foundation base or lip erase (as i have a really pigmented ring on the outside of my lips).

Texture: These ones are alot thicker, creamier, and feel like it has more 'substance' than the round glosses, however remain unsticky and comfortable to wear. However i probably wouldnt be able to forget i was wearing it due to it being abit more moisture heavy :) These are definitely the better quality glosses in comparison. It really gives my lips that "juicy" factor :)
Smell: It smells strongly like a really musky cherry candy. The smell goes away pretty fast though, after application.

(RoundGloss vs MegaShine)

Round Gloss Pros:
  • Cheaper Alternative, only around $2
  • Non sticky and comfortable
  • So light that it feels I'm not wearing it at all
  • Love the look of the packaging (reminds me of MAC cremesheen glosses)

Round Gloss Cons:
  • Smells like Orange surface cleaner
  • Too thin, reminds me of lipstain liquid mixed with some watery gloss, so pigmentation settles into fine lines and is abit see-thru
  • Only 2.5ml of product
  • Inflexible and hard applicator with minimal cushioning
Megashine Pros:
  • Smells better IMO. Id take 'strong musky cherry candy' over 'orange detergent' anyday :) at least one of them seems to be a flavour you should have near your mouth :P
  • Thicker, more moisturising, gives that juicy look to lips
  • Non sticky and comfortable
  • Pigmentation of some colours (e.g Dolly Pink) proves to be significantly better than Round Glosses
  • A whopping 15 ML of product compared to the measly 2.4ML in the Round Glosses!
  • Applicator is more flexible and has longer furs for better cushioning and to grab more gloss out of the tube in one swipe.
Megashine Cons:
  • The more expensive alternative ($4) even though thats still cheap; but it really makes a difference if you're purchasing like 20 different colours :P
  • There were many raves on the colour "Smokey Look", and it personally disapointed me because although it was a juicy nude colour, it wasnt pigmented enough to cover the pigmentation on my lips (without a lipstick or liperase underneath). But thats just on the one colour, Dolly Pink had amazing pigmentation, so it just depends on the colour you buy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

SHOPPING: Cherry Culture order

Hey peeps...
I've been so busy lately with uni and being super stressed out! Havent had time to do anything more with blogging, but i guess i had to post something, it seriously is a place i can escape to and relieve some stress! RANT!

Well so you all know, Cherry culture had a 10% off sale recently, and i couldnt be bothered waiting for a 20% off sale, so i spoilt myself and bought some items i had been wanting to try out for a while!

15 items for $35 is a darn good deal, but then the shipping comes in *rolls eyes*. For those of you who know me or read my blog. I AM THE BIGGEST STINGE! 
$50 is quite a pinch for me :P

and yes yes. i finally am jumping on the NYX round/mega gloss and concealer jar bandwagon...after reading many many rave reviews about them!

So, you can expect reviews in the future for these items...and because i am not a working beauty blogger with expendable income everymonth (god save the poor students), im planning on slowly reviewing my whole collection of products i already own. which is ALOT! so i shouldnt run out of hopefully interesting content :P

P.S i just need to express to you guys that I HATE THAT E.L.F DOESNT SHIP TO AUSTRALIA

outraged man. totaly. lol.

tatas ! xo