Tuesday, January 12, 2010

LOTD: Mothers Colours

Have you ever noticed that, even though you think you have all your perfect colours worked out, and you totally think that your moms makeup is old fashioned and outdated, yet when you go back to experiment, you find out that you were TOTALY WRONG, and that your moms colours and makeup look awesome on you? well thats what happened to me.

When i was a little girl i was the one playing with my moms red lipstick and red nail varnish, smearing it all over my face before going to church because i thought it made me pretty. But as i grew into my tweens and experimentations with low grade pink eyeshadows and glittery lipglosses started, i was determined that dark lip colours would never look good on me in my life, and as a 19 year old now, im in love with light pinks and nudes, and ive been pretty convinced that those are the only colours that would make me look good or suit me...

i was so wrong!

this is me trying out my moms 20+ year old rouge that she has now handed down to me, and it matches me perfectly and makes my lips look hot hot hot!

dont i look so grown up, vampy and sophisticated? :P

it is a SIGN! that i am growing up :P
i dont know
maybe not

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

EOTD: Colourful Peacock?

Eye of the day! Peacock inspired im thinking? not sure, i just decided to play with the colours :P

The eye look below...sorry guys i cbf'd listing down the products i used, just look at the pics and copy the colours :P but for this look i recomend having high pigmented e/s or else it will be a pain in the arse to create and unpigmented, talced up eyeshadows wil just make you look grey and patchy and gross.

I used the cheap fake lashes from ebay, the natural style ones :)

and yeah i know that i did do the rest of my face therefore it should be an FOTD instead (face of the day) buttt its just your regular natural cream blush, highlighter, and nude lipstick/lipgloss...so theres nothing to discuss :P

and yes yes the false lash on the left eye is peeling at the corners. i even tried to photoshop it right, but i gave up prety quick cos im tired :P so just ignore that. this pic is for u to see my eyelids anyhoo!

okkk doneeee :P this is my lazy post bwahaha