Sunday, December 5, 2010

Story of my life - and eyelash extensions

My life right now:
I know i havent updated in a bit, but just to let anyone out there following, I have officially finished my last semester, and will be graduated at the beginning of next year; I've just been busy the past week setting up for the graduation exhibition that was held, attending it, going to graduation parties, and most importantly, spending the last few days with my beloved as he is returning back to Norway (as now he has also completed his degree here in australia), and then he will be moving to Iceland shortly to commence his masters degree at the university there. We will be far far away from each other :( and i honestly have no idea how Im going to cope :(

I guess on a happy note im graduating, yay :)

Eyelash extensions:
On a beauty related note, i bought some eyelash extension supplies off ebay (and i know alot of people stress that you shouldnt do it yourself or get an uncertified person to do it for you) but im cheap and stubborn and i know how to do my research okay :P so i kinda trained/coached my sister how to do it, and she gave me a set of semi-permanent lash extensions! They do look gorgeous and turned out nicely :) will do a more detailed post on that soon if any of you are interested let me know!