Saturday, November 30, 2013

REVIEW: Essence - Stay no matter what liquid liner

I had this little baby catch my eye on a trip to priceline, the Stays no matter what 16hr waterproof liquid liner by Essence. Priceline has probably only started stocking this brand recently in the past 12 months and I must say, I love the fun quality products you get for such a small price! 

I kid you not. It cost me a grand total of $4.25 at RRP (and is one of the higher priced product of the range). 

Nice packaging, no complaints at all. Twist off cap with attached wand.

Long brush tip which moved really nicely and was soft which is great so you're not scratching around your eye area. Coated with a nice amount of product. So far so good!

Application was super easy and really comfortable. I drew a nice line with ease and in moments with no dry areas or draggy bits! The soft brush made it easy to create a flick with a brushy edge. 

Does it stand the test of time? Well now it has been 8 hours on and I don't see any need for touchups at all.

Overall I have to say, I've tried liquid liners from BYS to Clinique and even Gel liners with brush applicators from Maybelline and this one, my friends, has been my favorite so far, and for the price it costs - can somebody say godsend?

I highly recommend this.