Sunday, December 15, 2013

SWATCH: Everyday Minerals Haul

Woohoo Everyday Minerals Haul! Grabbed myself 3 full sized mineral foundations, 3 eyeshadows, and 2 brushes.

There was one thing I noticed however... My normal "colour" which is Beige Neutral, is now DIFFERENT?? See the picture below, the old formula of Beige Neutral (very left) is next to 2 pots of the new formula of Beige Neutral. The new one is so much lighter!!! Eeep


What a waste of 2 pots! Its so much lighter than my skin tone... but on the other hand it looks like I have found myself a perfect match with the Honey Beige (Jojoba Base).

I also scored myself some free samples of other shades, here are the swatches below:

Now onto the pretty are they! My 2 faves are Everlasting love and Songbird.

Love them. So soft and smooth. Not really sure what they are for just yet but they looked interesting in store, apparently both are japanese inspired. Sounds legit.

Heres all the products in action! Contouring with the dark sample mineral foundation with my new brush and an eyeshadow look using the 3 mineral eyeshadow colours :)


  1. Nice blog, i was googling photos of this jojoba base to get a better idea of the product and your blog came out! :) Btw, what is your skin tone? NC 40 in Mac (for reference)?

    1. Yes I am NC40!! :) Sorry for the late reply I really need to post more x

  2. Is this the foundation you use everyday? I love your skin! PLEASE Can you do an everyday makeup/skincare routine blog or video?! Youre so beautiful!!

    1. Yes I wear this on top of moisturiser for work when I don't want to do heavy foundation! Thanks hun, I really am planning on blogging a lot more and also start some videos when my new house is built by the end of the year! Been so busy x