Monday, June 11, 2012

SHOPPING: Claw Bracelet & Fingerless Gloves

Got some goodies in the mail!! Aww yea :)

PURCHASE 1: Eagle Claw Talon Bracelet

A super sick claw bracelet. Can anybody say wild? 
Got this off eBay from seller eyeliketobuystuff (haha) for only AUD 6.45 and free shipping! Super sturdy metal, a nice dirty copper bronze finish, featuring a hinged clamp style mechanism - i do like it a lot. I'm pretty sure I've seen more out there sold in silver and a bright and shiny gold finish. Plus there are talon rings too.

PURCHASE 2: Fingerless Palm Gloves

I have bought gloves before from eBay - some good, some bad - one of which was made out of lesser-quality material (stiff and plastic-like with raw edges with the lining poking out in an unsightly manner) and it just wasn't my cup of tea. However this one is a win! Thin/refined & soft leathery quality with a nice comfortable lining. Perfect for a fresh to chilly day or clubbing at night when its a little colder. 

Feels good on hands, looks like leather (specifies it is made out of quality faux leather), because its thin it doesn't make hands look bulky which is awesome, stitching is slightly off but its so minute no one will notice - besides I only paid AUD$ 15.70 for them! Great deal for the better quality gloves. There are ones on eBay going for $5 - $12 but I'm pretty sure those are the thick plastic-like ones. Ew!

This one was a great purchase - will go back for more colours ;)
Bought them from this store

Action shot! 
P.s. Natural nails for breathing time. New look coming up soon ;)

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