Friday, March 26, 2010

SWATCHES: NYX Round Lipsticks

My Haul from Cherryculture involved a whole lot of NYX round lippies for $1.75 each. I must say that it is gorgeously creamy and pigmented for its price, although the quality cant be compared to MAC cremesheens (my fave lipsticks), its still extremely good. At such a low price, a girl can afford to try a few out ;)

First row of lippies <3 a="" href="" onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}">

Second row of lippies 

Circe in comparison with my Creme de nude MAC Creemesheen lipstick. Circe is creamy, but its more of a matte creamy, whereas cremesheen by MAC is a dewy creme, if that makes sense, and also its a few shades lighter, however both are gorgeous nudes on my NC40(Mac studio powder) skintone. See all the swatches next for more detail!

All the swatches! Click to see everything bigger! my favourites would have to be Circe and Orange soda. They both look absolutely HOT with a smokey eye! B52 is actualy the darkest colour that i would consider every day wearable (for me) because its not too brown, not too red, not too plum; its not too light, and not dark enough to be considered vampish. i cant describe it more than just the perfect middle shade of EVERYTHING! Oh and i do like the way strawberry milk looked in the pictures, but when applying it you may want to 'dab' it on, as if u swipe as usual...strawberry milk may apply unevenly. Lastly, apologies for the horiffic swatches for "Tea" and "B52" and i was applying the lipstick and swiping it off in order to take swatches, it made my lip abit sore and "water" with saliva...thats why my lipstick application isnt perfect.

This is my full face shot with Circe :)

All in all, these are a musthave for any lady that wants every shade under the sun (if you like having something to match every occasion). They are creamy (matte finish), pigmented (not very lasting but you can always reapply :D ). I definitely use these more than my liptars just because i dont dare to bring my liptars around (as they tend to break in bags etc) and that is NOT good :P