Sunday, June 13, 2010

REVIEW: Eyeliners from Cherry Culture

So this will be a review about 3 of the 4 eyeliners i purchased from my previous haul from Cherry Culture. As you can see there is the two Amuse liners (at a bargain clearance $0.45) and the Jordana Quickliner (at also a bargain of $1.34). The fourth eyeliner that i have not reviewed is the LA Colours Auto liner ($2.25) because it was very well wrapped/sealed and i dont like to open products for no reason...i have plenty of already open/unfinished liners sitting around!

So these are the three I'll be showing you guys today...I made a mistake, the Jordana Quickliner Eyes is actualy in 'Cocoa' and NOT brown :P But you can see that the Amuse pencil liners are longer than the wind up crayon style of the Jordana one. I must admit I was really hoping that the Amuse liners would turn out well...although they were only $0.45, but if they didnt, well hey, thats what you paid for :P

I started out with the Amuse Black liner....and MY GOSH...IT WAS HORRIFIC! As you can see in the above picture, I tried to draw swatches on my hand with force, and it was just hard, and waxy, there was no "glide" in the application whatsoever, and worst of all, i could HARDLY SEE IT; pure dissapointment. 

BUT! It was not until i got to the second one, the Amuse Brown liner that i sighed in relief, this was much better, in pigment, and application. It was so much softer/less waxy!! it glided ALOT more than its black counterpart, and deposited alot more pigment. I guess it depends on the colour you buy :S odd.

The jordana quickliner eyes in "COCOA" (sorry for the mistake in the pic). This turned out to have the best formula out of the three, it was gorgeously smooth and glided over my skin with such you can see in the picture its alot shinier, or oiler (hence that gliding feeling) compared to the Amuse Brown liner which is abit drier and chunkier.  The only thing i would criticize about this one is the colour, its abit too much of a warm red/orange brown for me, I personally much rather prefer the dark brown presented by the Amuse Brown Liner.

This colour used wrongly may risk making me look bloodshot in the eyes (too much red) but if its used right, it can still help create a hot smouldering eye look!

a preview of me with Jordana Quickliner Cocoa - with no mascara