Monday, August 30, 2010

REVIEW: NYX Milk Jumbo Liner & Natural Look

Ive been waiting a long time to try this out! i just havent had the heart to open it cos i have so much other makeup :P

Pretty standard packaging, plastic lid, looks very clean and smooth all around... Im just worrying about how i will sharpen it, Ive never been good at sharpening thick pencils.

The texture is so so creamy, you can see ive blended out the one on the left. It glides on really smoothly and feels a tiny bit tacky, which is good as a colour intensifying eyeshadow base!

This is what it looks like on my eye,,,haha my eye looks funny/gross

Today i just did the usual liquid foundation, but opted for my MAC Studio Fix powder in NC40. The picture always makes it seem brighter, but in real life its pretty tanned (in the context of a natural toned chinese asian), which suits me cos im that tad bit darker than the rest of my kind haha.

The colours i used from my 140 "manly" pallete (HORRIBLE brand name choice LOL) that i bought from ebay for less than $20. Its one of those hong kong factory makeup outlets that also sell the essential same product to companies such as Coastal Scents in america... the quality is very good in my opinion, but ofcourse there are the few duds, such as the yellow range, which is one of the hardest colours to find which will actually pack a punch! Thats why i used so many yellows :P to try bring it out as much as possible.

 My yellow and grey eyeshadow look

 lalala di daaaaaa.... :)

I put NYX Rea ontop of NYX Smokey Look megashine lipgloss. This way the application is alot smoother and doesnt sink into fine lines in the lips :)

I never take time to do my hair properly, especially for makeup this is me tryin to make an effort by putting my hair down :P

Peekaboo! I remind myself of some kind of toxic bumblebee....

*****EDIT UPDATE*****

I did the look during the morning, and now its night! and still going strong, i decided to just have a bit of fun and pop some false lashes on :) They are the ebay lashes that I cut and curled myself to make them look more can see me do that in this post >>HERE<<

*****EDIT UPDATE****

Oh,, and also, today my sister had to go get her proof of age card from the liscencing centre, and i told her that the cameras there were really shit so i better help her bring out her features as much as possible...and heres what i did! (see below/next)

a very neutral but contrasting pallette to define the eyes, nude lipgloss (same combo as i did with Smokey Look gloss and Rea lipstick) and the use of my MAC studio fix powder in NC40, which does a very good job in a photography sense, as my sister usually has a really bad acne problem, and it seems to cover up really well in photos!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My birthday is coming up! So I'm creating a wish list...

So, its my birthday in like 3 weeks, and its around the time close ones start asking what i would like as a birthday gift. I have no idea? im sure theres plenty of things i'd like... so this post is just me collecting my thoughts on all the things i would have ever loved to have :P

and for those of you who are any bit interested about me, i must say that my birthday is something that i pride in, because of its numbers! This is what i mean...

i was born on the 9th of September 1990, aka 09/09/90
this meant that i turned 9 years old on the 09/09/99
and 19 on the 09/09/09
further more, i was born (GMT 0:00) central greenwich time of 09:00AM
and the first letter of my name is "i" which is coincidentally the 9th letter of the alphabet.

no, my parents didnt plan these coincidences (especially my name) :P
they didnt even realise it was all 9s untill i realised myself!

anyways its all pretty freaky/cool...

onto my wishlist!!!

1. Hidrocor Lenses:
I definitely want some in the colour "ice", and another, but i cant decide between "brown" or "honey"!
These lenses are pretty pricey but ive seen that they offer some of the most colour coverage for dark eyes and look amazingly natural! (not all pixelly)
the best place online I've found to purchase them is HERE
its for USD 70 per pair with free shipping world wide!

all other online stores ive looked at have been more expensive (up to $130+) AND shipping cost! so this is definitely the cheapest site ive found aswell!

2. Indelible creaseproof cream shadows

Since my favourite mink Avon colour trend cream eyeshadow (discontinued) is disappearing fast, these are a huge product of interest in terms of replacement :D

They have a whole range of colours!!

Theres actually 2 more new colours out but i cant be bothered posting them. One of them is actually a new holographic formula, a pinkish grey with opalecent effects (it states), its called "Holographic".

Im debating between "Tip Taupe" and "Bare Necessity" at the moment as an eyeshadow base colour.
Other ones that look gorgeous are "Plumkin" "Fanthom", and ofcourse the all time staple, "Carbon".

These retail at for USD8.99 each excluding shipping price.
You can also get them CHEAPER at Makeup and Glow for AUD5.95 excluding shipping, however they only stock like 6 colours out of the 24 colours available.

3. Madame Madeline Wispy Lashes
(a) Gypsy Strip Lash 96

i LOVE wispy lashes. i hate false lashes that look so uniform and mechanic!

USD $2.05 per pair at

(b) Sherani Natural Look 31
 looove wispy lashes...droool

i do want the black ones though, not brown :P
USD $2.79 at

(c)Ardell Invisibands Demi Wispies

USD $3.49 each at

(d) Ardell Invisibands Wispies

theyre all pretty much the same, i just cant decide which wispies i like the best?
USD $3.49 each at

(e) Ardell Invisibands Wispies (New Packaging)

its weird that the name is the same as the previous (except for the 'New Packaging' bit) but they are a diff style, a little more criss cross in the lash overlaying!

Again, they are USD $3.49 each at

4. Inner Earth Soaps on

These soaps look gorrrgeous! there are so many handcrafted soap retailers on etsy that offer stuff cheaper than your local "Lush" store. I hope i get to try them out one day!

This specific soap sampler set from Inner Earth Soaps is USD $9.50 for 6 soap samples of your choice!
InnerEarth Soaps shop can be found here

5. Bioglo Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer

Ive always wanted to try some of these products out, and i heard some good things (and proof reviews) about this one!

Pretty sure u can strike a good deal at the 2beaut website
USD $23.90 each, buy 2 get 1 free!

well i cant think of anymore just at the moment. Im sure I'll update this :P

Sunday, August 15, 2010

LOTD: Pureluxe Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadows Purple haze

Another random look i snapped pictures of (i actually did this look 3 days ago but only uploaded them now), no idea what i used, probably PureLuxe mineral eyeshadows again. Ever since i tidied up my makeup drawer and whipped them out of their boxes, theyve been sitting in front of me so i tend to reach for them more now :)

Anyways, as u can tell i seem to always reach for the purples and oranges/golds, it just suits my skin tone i guess. I shall be more creative in the future! :P However this time the purples are used are more dusky, and i matched it to the lipstick which was a combination of NYX round lipsticks, i probably had like Rea, Circe, and Power mixed together or something. i really dont remember. I think its a very understated glam autumn look, and reminds me of suede :P Anyway, here are a few snapshots :)

goofy grin :P

I love these really nude and subdued purple shadess :D
do you?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

HAUL & LOOK: Pureluxe Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadows

You know, i was going through my computer and i actually found photos i had taken previously for this blog, and i never ended up posting them? So I'll be posting them now! The first one will be about my PureLuxe order, which happened at the beginning of January this year.

You can order PureLuxe HERE! :)

My extra sticky package...was a b*tch to open :(

I ordered 21 sample size eyeshadows and one moisture spritz! it said on the website that it was ideal for foiling the eyeshadows. For those of you who dont know what foiling is, its when you mix the eyeshadow with water or a suitable liquid to intensify the colour.

This was the most stingy amount of product out of the lot. Surprisingly they gave alot less since i had to pay more for this one because it was considered a 'SuperLiner', so the sample pot was $2 something instead of $1 something.

So yeah that was my purchase...on to the look i did for it...

NOTE! before you go on to see the look i did, note that i was having a HORRIBLE skin week! i looked so gross then, luckily my skin has healed up and is back to its clear self. But viewer beware if you hate a spotty face :(

Okay so i didnt end up uploading my "before foundation" photos, but in alot of shots you can see alot of unsightly blemishes coming through!!

Im using my very old, discontinued, avon 'colour trend' creme eyeshadow, just as a taupe eyeshadow base

using my PureLuxe 'Peach Champagne' on the lid

Contouring the crease with a PureLuxe Liner powder in "Forbidden"

Blend out with "Elysium" shadow

Using "BL Asp" on the inner corner

define the brows very softly with a soft black

using my Touche Magique concealer by loreal thats like WAY too light for me to highlight under the brow

pat and blend :)

just some subtle dusky blush, i probably used my everyday minerals "Swimming Pool" blush, my favourite matte colour

Lining my eyes with cream eyeliner and an angled brush from 'The Body Shop', but you can use liquid if you prefer

MAC Cremesheen lipstick in Speed Dial. My first MAC lipstick, a gorgeous blue toned pink colour!!!

add a gorgeous pink gloss with noticeable blue iridescent sparkles on top!

Using a lipbrush by The body shop

Hope you liked it!

By the way, I've dyed my hair back to Black since i took these photos.