Sunday, December 5, 2010

Story of my life - and eyelash extensions

My life right now:
I know i havent updated in a bit, but just to let anyone out there following, I have officially finished my last semester, and will be graduated at the beginning of next year; I've just been busy the past week setting up for the graduation exhibition that was held, attending it, going to graduation parties, and most importantly, spending the last few days with my beloved as he is returning back to Norway (as now he has also completed his degree here in australia), and then he will be moving to Iceland shortly to commence his masters degree at the university there. We will be far far away from each other :( and i honestly have no idea how Im going to cope :(

I guess on a happy note im graduating, yay :)

Eyelash extensions:
On a beauty related note, i bought some eyelash extension supplies off ebay (and i know alot of people stress that you shouldnt do it yourself or get an uncertified person to do it for you) but im cheap and stubborn and i know how to do my research okay :P so i kinda trained/coached my sister how to do it, and she gave me a set of semi-permanent lash extensions! They do look gorgeous and turned out nicely :) will do a more detailed post on that soon if any of you are interested let me know! 


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LOTD: Lashy neutral

I was having a good lash day :P
and i dont remember what i used, but it doesnt matter, its just neutral colours, i just loved the way it turned out, it had that 'pinup' look to it aswell with the wing :)

Uni is OVER in 2 days!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

LOTD: My little sisters Masquerade party

Hey you guys, my sister had a masquerade party and since i always do her makeup for parties, i decided to document the general process of this one! I did this look like a month ago but i never had time to upload it properly, and since im stressed out with homework i thought that i might aswell destress, take a break :P whatever.

here are the pics!


I rolled her hair (almost dried hair) in curling rollers hours in advance, heated it with a hair dryer on the hottest setting with the least force, so it doesnt go everywhere and frizz, then set it with hair spray.

Hours later i then proceeded to do her foundation, concealer, eyebrows, and NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk as an eyeshadow base, smudging out all over the whole eye area.

Pat an aluminium silver onto the lower lid, i used the one from my 120 palette...its the best silver ive ever tried/owned! So buttery and refined, i LOVE IT! Oh and a white or white silver in the inner corners.

wing out the eyeshadow until it just connects with the brow with a darker silver. Repeat for other eye.

Shade a metalic dark blue into the crease and blend upwards and out with a lighter metalic blue shade. Highlight under the brow with a champagne or white gold shadow.

Add liquid eyeliner and draw the whole length of the eyeshadow 'wing' until it connects to the brow bone. Add false lashes! dont forget bottom ones too for a dramatic masquerade look :)

Add gems to the eyebrows for a more themed look, apply a baby pink lipstick and gloss
Take out rollers, dont be shocked by the crazyness of the curls!, just brush them out with your fingers and run a shine serum or curling balm through them, flip your head/hair around abit until it looks natural and falls into place :)


Hope you liked them!! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

REVIEW: Solotica Hidrocor Lenses

I ordered these a while back, in two colours, Ice, and Mel (Honey). I bought mine for USD$ 72 per pair from with free shipping. Honestly, the shipping took FLIPPING AGES!

it states that free shipping takes from 5-18 days, and that paid shipping was 3-8 days, but mine took OVER 40 DAYS! i thought it was never going to arrive! and especially because the website is brazillian by nature, customer service took a long time to reply, and when they did, i couldnt understand their english!?? it didnt make any gramatical sense. BUT, that being said, it did eventually arrive (thank god, i thought it was lost in shipping!)

This is the colour chart of their offerings :)

Oh and by the way, they have different versions as well such as the famous Solotica Hidrocharme, but the Hidrocor ones (these ones) dont have a limbal ring, whereas the Hidrocharme ones do! 
I just assumed these ones would look more natural...?

The packaging

The little bottles (i already ripped off the aluminium seal)

These are the "Ice" ones, they are basically just very fine WHITE pixels! no blue whatsoever...and for some odd reason it makes them look like a blue grey! and wow what a difference it makes!

 With both contacts in :)

 Click on any image to zoom in so you can see it EXTRA DETAILED! :)

OK so these are the "MEL (HONEY)" ones! Some websites will say Mel, some will say Honey. (just language difference)

O yeah and these ones are basically very fine yellow pixels, which make eyes look honey green!

Supersize CLOSEUP!

These are designed to last a year, each package comes with its own contact lens casing, and instructions. 

They are FAR FAR more natural looking than the cheapo ones I've bought before (AUD$30) which were only designed to last a month.....

Plus these are so much more comfortable than the cheapo ones too!

The only odd issue i had with this was...the surface curvature of the lens is slightly rounder than my own eyeball, so i did experience some air bubbles where the whole lens didnt stick to my eyeball entirely, but a few blinks got them out and they were absolutely fine :)

Compared to the cheap ones, i can see out of these alot clearer, the cheap ones just clouded my vision!
 (NOTE: i dont have any vision problems so these are for cosmetic purposes only)

I like these a lot...hopefully ill get time to wear them after i graduate....oh gawd only 4 weeks left *dies*

Sunday, September 19, 2010

LOTD: My 20th Birthday quickie post!

Since uni work has been creeping up towards neck level again i thought id just post a short one, which brings me onto the fact that i wasted 3 days on birthday celebrations or preparation which left me insanely behind on work (yes! only 3 days can kick you off track in grad semester :( bah)

which then again brings me on to the fact that the look that im posting now is the one i did for my birthday party with my friends, i cant remember what stuff i used exactly, but i thought it would serve as inspiration or something :P

here u go:

  • i was going for a more illuminated angelic look since i wore a white dress,
  • and yes i curled my hair with my ghd styler and put shine serum in it,
  • and yes i used false lashes with a clear band (love those!),

  • i guess a good rule of thumb is to stick to a pearlescent sheen instead of glitters or chunky shimmers, and always use matte crease colours/eyeliner colours just to draw all the glow back down to earth a little :P

  • Also define your brows lightly with a light brown pencil or a blonde one so its not too heavy, and tie in the look with great lashes or falsies

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Its about time i did some swatches on all the liptars i own!
Liptars are known to be the most intense lip colour on the market, made by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Its vegan friendly, and is made from a simple concoction of high intensity pigment and peppermint oils (check website for specifics).

The old ones came in 10ML tubes before they altered the packaging and now i think it only holds 8MLs, but still, they are so intense, a tiny bit goes a looong way, i cant imagine ever finishing one of them unless its used rigorously every day for professional makeup artistry.

Flavour: because it is made on a base of peppermint oil, it has a subdued peppermint underflavour, if that makes sense, it is not at all a spicy over-the-top in-your-face toothpaste kind of peppermint, but its very very pleasant and subtle aroma that i actually quite like!

Texture/Consistency/Application: It applies really creamily and smoothly, and OPAQUE!!! i cannot emphasize that enough. If you want colour, with Liptars, you got colour. It does however dry to a satin finish and may dry out your lips if you are proned to dryness and chaffing, so please exfoliate/moisturise before hand, or apply a balm or gloss over the top.

The amount of product needed to cover the whole of your lips is tiiiny, depending on how big your lips are, mine being an averagely-semi full size, i only need the amount of half a pea on my lip brush, or if the colour is being dry (ill explain this later in the section of 'the things i dont like') then maybe a pea size of product, but in between those two measurements!

YES Yes yes, you must use a lipbrush if you want application to be precise, unless you plan to jazz up an unpigmented lipgloss or lipstick by smearing a tiny bit over the top of another product with your finger, then thats a different story!

Price: USD$ 12.50 each,
since these products are not sold as 'one off' lipcolours, rather an array of colours that allows you to MIX any custom colour you prefer, it amounts to quite alot (as people would want to get all the colours to be able to mix)!

But the fact that its going to last you literally forever, its not too bad at all!

Things i Dont like: The good thing about not reviewing it as soon as i got it (which was like a year ago) is that over time there were negative things that could show up that i wouldnt have known as soon as i got it. 

  • After a while the pigment and oil starts to separate and since its in a squeezy tube, its really hard to mix it back together, so sometimes i get very dry pigment with hardly any oil, and sometimes i get very sheer pigment with heaps of oil, so what i have to do is always turn them upside down (and vice versa) every time i remember, it improves it but still not that much though :( 

  • It WILL LEAK if you try and bring it out with you (in your handbag etc). The packaging is not very tight/sturdy. Quite inconvenient in this matter.

  • and for some reason my liptar Feathered (white) arrived leaking and it just gets everywhere, and i feel realy bad that product is being wasted is enough for approx 5+ applications, and the tube prety mch cost like $15 AUD.
  • The colours are SO INTENSE that they do stain. You can even see in the swatches that the blue has gone abit green because of the previous yellow swatch.


I use my lipbrush from The Body Shop to apply the product, i dont think you'll be able to get away with those crappy lipbrushes from bad makeup sets, you need a good one.

 My bare lips, primed with some foundation and set with powder

(3) Katricia photographs alot lighter than it is in real life, in real life it looks like a dark hubba bubba grape

that goes the same for (8)RX, it looks alot darker in real life and photographs alot lighter

(2) Safety orange looks red, but its just a really warm/hot orange

The (7) Traffic 'yellow' swatch is alot clearer here, it can be mixed with the (2) safety orange to make a more "orangey orange"

Note that crazy colours like white, yellow, and blue are not meant to be used on their own (they can be if you're going for a haloween look) but they are usually for mixing colours, lightening colours, toning down colours, adding warmth, etc.
Plus it doesnt just limit to the crazy colours either, all of OCC liptars were made for mixing, so you can get what ever shade you would like!

For example, my sister has a barbie party coming up soon and I'll be giving her a hot barbie pink lip, which i would probaby mix 1, 5, and 6 (Anime, Hush, Conquest) OR 1, 5, and 9 (Anime, Hush, Feathered).

or if i really want to go bubble gum pink, i may consider mixing 1. Anime with 3. Katricia, or if im feeling daring, trying to mix it with a tiny bit of 8.RX, and ofcourse lighten it up with 9. or 6.

Overview of colours:
1. Anime - day glo neon pink (medium tone, extremely bright)
2.Safety Orange - ultra warm and red orange
3.Katricia - creamy lavender
4.Pretty Beige - pretty much my skin colour
5.Hush - very muted bridal pink
6.Conquest - like a cream colour, or a bone colour
7.Traffic - Warm yellow
8.RX - primary blue, darker in real life than photographed
9.Feathered - correction fluid white

I love 6. Conquest (even though its a beyond OMG concealer lips colour), it really reminds me of this Chocolate themed makeup that MakeUpStore did in one of their emagazines (top right hand picture). Whenever i look at Conqest liptar i now think of white chocolate!
hehe :)

Hope you guys liked it!

WISHLIST : Possible double-use for NYX Push Up Bra for Eyebrows!

omg i want this!

but i cbs ordering online, paying for shipping, and waiting for it to arrive. Ill just pop by my local gloss store and see if they have anything similar.

Im also in need of a pinkish skin toned liner for my water line. I hate using white! its too white and unatural (its whiter than my eye whites, like hello? ew?) , i think if you want to make an illusion of bigger eyes a creamy nude or pink pencil should be used (to match your eye whites or blend out from them to look less conspicuous) i have more uses planned for this product if i ever get it :P

Monday, August 30, 2010

REVIEW: NYX Milk Jumbo Liner & Natural Look

Ive been waiting a long time to try this out! i just havent had the heart to open it cos i have so much other makeup :P

Pretty standard packaging, plastic lid, looks very clean and smooth all around... Im just worrying about how i will sharpen it, Ive never been good at sharpening thick pencils.

The texture is so so creamy, you can see ive blended out the one on the left. It glides on really smoothly and feels a tiny bit tacky, which is good as a colour intensifying eyeshadow base!

This is what it looks like on my eye,,,haha my eye looks funny/gross

Today i just did the usual liquid foundation, but opted for my MAC Studio Fix powder in NC40. The picture always makes it seem brighter, but in real life its pretty tanned (in the context of a natural toned chinese asian), which suits me cos im that tad bit darker than the rest of my kind haha.

The colours i used from my 140 "manly" pallete (HORRIBLE brand name choice LOL) that i bought from ebay for less than $20. Its one of those hong kong factory makeup outlets that also sell the essential same product to companies such as Coastal Scents in america... the quality is very good in my opinion, but ofcourse there are the few duds, such as the yellow range, which is one of the hardest colours to find which will actually pack a punch! Thats why i used so many yellows :P to try bring it out as much as possible.

 My yellow and grey eyeshadow look

 lalala di daaaaaa.... :)

I put NYX Rea ontop of NYX Smokey Look megashine lipgloss. This way the application is alot smoother and doesnt sink into fine lines in the lips :)

I never take time to do my hair properly, especially for makeup this is me tryin to make an effort by putting my hair down :P

Peekaboo! I remind myself of some kind of toxic bumblebee....

*****EDIT UPDATE*****

I did the look during the morning, and now its night! and still going strong, i decided to just have a bit of fun and pop some false lashes on :) They are the ebay lashes that I cut and curled myself to make them look more can see me do that in this post >>HERE<<

*****EDIT UPDATE****

Oh,, and also, today my sister had to go get her proof of age card from the liscencing centre, and i told her that the cameras there were really shit so i better help her bring out her features as much as possible...and heres what i did! (see below/next)

a very neutral but contrasting pallette to define the eyes, nude lipgloss (same combo as i did with Smokey Look gloss and Rea lipstick) and the use of my MAC studio fix powder in NC40, which does a very good job in a photography sense, as my sister usually has a really bad acne problem, and it seems to cover up really well in photos!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My birthday is coming up! So I'm creating a wish list...

So, its my birthday in like 3 weeks, and its around the time close ones start asking what i would like as a birthday gift. I have no idea? im sure theres plenty of things i'd like... so this post is just me collecting my thoughts on all the things i would have ever loved to have :P

and for those of you who are any bit interested about me, i must say that my birthday is something that i pride in, because of its numbers! This is what i mean...

i was born on the 9th of September 1990, aka 09/09/90
this meant that i turned 9 years old on the 09/09/99
and 19 on the 09/09/09
further more, i was born (GMT 0:00) central greenwich time of 09:00AM
and the first letter of my name is "i" which is coincidentally the 9th letter of the alphabet.

no, my parents didnt plan these coincidences (especially my name) :P
they didnt even realise it was all 9s untill i realised myself!

anyways its all pretty freaky/cool...

onto my wishlist!!!

1. Hidrocor Lenses:
I definitely want some in the colour "ice", and another, but i cant decide between "brown" or "honey"!
These lenses are pretty pricey but ive seen that they offer some of the most colour coverage for dark eyes and look amazingly natural! (not all pixelly)
the best place online I've found to purchase them is HERE
its for USD 70 per pair with free shipping world wide!

all other online stores ive looked at have been more expensive (up to $130+) AND shipping cost! so this is definitely the cheapest site ive found aswell!

2. Indelible creaseproof cream shadows

Since my favourite mink Avon colour trend cream eyeshadow (discontinued) is disappearing fast, these are a huge product of interest in terms of replacement :D

They have a whole range of colours!!

Theres actually 2 more new colours out but i cant be bothered posting them. One of them is actually a new holographic formula, a pinkish grey with opalecent effects (it states), its called "Holographic".

Im debating between "Tip Taupe" and "Bare Necessity" at the moment as an eyeshadow base colour.
Other ones that look gorgeous are "Plumkin" "Fanthom", and ofcourse the all time staple, "Carbon".

These retail at for USD8.99 each excluding shipping price.
You can also get them CHEAPER at Makeup and Glow for AUD5.95 excluding shipping, however they only stock like 6 colours out of the 24 colours available.

3. Madame Madeline Wispy Lashes
(a) Gypsy Strip Lash 96

i LOVE wispy lashes. i hate false lashes that look so uniform and mechanic!

USD $2.05 per pair at

(b) Sherani Natural Look 31
 looove wispy lashes...droool

i do want the black ones though, not brown :P
USD $2.79 at

(c)Ardell Invisibands Demi Wispies

USD $3.49 each at

(d) Ardell Invisibands Wispies

theyre all pretty much the same, i just cant decide which wispies i like the best?
USD $3.49 each at

(e) Ardell Invisibands Wispies (New Packaging)

its weird that the name is the same as the previous (except for the 'New Packaging' bit) but they are a diff style, a little more criss cross in the lash overlaying!

Again, they are USD $3.49 each at

4. Inner Earth Soaps on

These soaps look gorrrgeous! there are so many handcrafted soap retailers on etsy that offer stuff cheaper than your local "Lush" store. I hope i get to try them out one day!

This specific soap sampler set from Inner Earth Soaps is USD $9.50 for 6 soap samples of your choice!
InnerEarth Soaps shop can be found here

5. Bioglo Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer

Ive always wanted to try some of these products out, and i heard some good things (and proof reviews) about this one!

Pretty sure u can strike a good deal at the 2beaut website
USD $23.90 each, buy 2 get 1 free!

well i cant think of anymore just at the moment. Im sure I'll update this :P