Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LOTD: Boy Toy by PureLuxe Cosmetics

A look using PureLuxe cosmetics mineral eyeshadow powders.
The star colour of this look is "Boy Toy", a rich peacock blue with green reflects/duochrome. 
Its one of my favourite colours from their line... have a look! Its under their "Fall Collection", I've just linked it here.

I really should get around to swatching all the colours i got from them, they are quite lovely, and really cheap too ($1 to $2 for the "1/8th tsp in a jar" sample sizes, which in my opinion, is still more than enough, and have last me a LONG time).

When used foiled (wet with water or mixing medium) the green comes out more. I absolutely love this colour!
I did this look for my dads birthday, so i just quickly snapped some shots, and i didnt take much other note on the other colours used, i know they were all PureLuxe eyeshadows though for this look.

Lips, i used NYX round lipsticks, a mix of B52 and Circe!

P.S i know my false lashes look really obvious in the last picture, but i was in a rush :P