Sunday, December 15, 2013

REVIEW : MasterShape by Eyestudio, Maybelline

Eyebrows Eyebrows Eyebrows!! 
Always been on the hunt for a good eyebrow pencil that is more of a dark ash brown colour that matches my hair colour. Tested this out at the shop and thought it was pretty sweet so here's the review.

Product Body:
  • Comes capped at both ends - one end is the spoolie and the other end is the pencil
  • Pencil body feels like plastic... at first I thought "there is no way you can sharpen this", but turns out you can??? Just twist it harder through the sharpener, it actually works! I had to email Maybelline to find this out - oops :p
  • Spoolie - the BEST spoolie I have ever used. Use it to comb through your brows and to brush out and even the colour distribution. Its small, compact, bristles are great, love it.


Some comparison swatches with other pencils:
  1. MasterShape by Eyestudio Maybelline - Colour is amazingly natural for my hair, and the consistency is waxy which means its colour and wax in one! All you would ever need. Gives a very natural finish.
  2. Professional Eyebrow Pencil by Rimmel - Not a fan of this one actually, Consistency is alright but the brush on the cap is useless. The thing I like least is the colour, it doesn't match me? It would match someone with mid brown hair that has very very warm tones.
  3. Eyebrow Designer by Essence - I probably don't use this very much because I bought the blonde colour - I would use this more when I dye my hair lighter. It looks around the same colour as the Maybelline one swatched on my hand but the Maybelline one is actually a lot darker, its just more sheer because its waxy.

Product in action! Super natural. I do recommend this for everyday use and you can layer it to make it darker.

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