Sunday, September 19, 2010

LOTD: My 20th Birthday quickie post!

Since uni work has been creeping up towards neck level again i thought id just post a short one, which brings me onto the fact that i wasted 3 days on birthday celebrations or preparation which left me insanely behind on work (yes! only 3 days can kick you off track in grad semester :( bah)

which then again brings me on to the fact that the look that im posting now is the one i did for my birthday party with my friends, i cant remember what stuff i used exactly, but i thought it would serve as inspiration or something :P

here u go:

  • i was going for a more illuminated angelic look since i wore a white dress,
  • and yes i curled my hair with my ghd styler and put shine serum in it,
  • and yes i used false lashes with a clear band (love those!),

  • i guess a good rule of thumb is to stick to a pearlescent sheen instead of glitters or chunky shimmers, and always use matte crease colours/eyeliner colours just to draw all the glow back down to earth a little :P

  • Also define your brows lightly with a light brown pencil or a blonde one so its not too heavy, and tie in the look with great lashes or falsies


  1. I love the glow to your skin. Oh and your lashes are very "J.LO-ish", which I like. Happy belated b-day, Ivy.

  2. Hi, i just tumbled onto your blog. and i LOVE your CHEEKBONES!!!!

  3. Aww thanks girlies!! and thanks also for commenting :P u guys r like one of the only reasons i know im not only talking to myself on this blog! xxxxx :)