Sunday, October 17, 2010

REVIEW: Solotica Hidrocor Lenses

I ordered these a while back, in two colours, Ice, and Mel (Honey). I bought mine for USD$ 72 per pair from with free shipping. Honestly, the shipping took FLIPPING AGES!

it states that free shipping takes from 5-18 days, and that paid shipping was 3-8 days, but mine took OVER 40 DAYS! i thought it was never going to arrive! and especially because the website is brazillian by nature, customer service took a long time to reply, and when they did, i couldnt understand their english!?? it didnt make any gramatical sense. BUT, that being said, it did eventually arrive (thank god, i thought it was lost in shipping!)

This is the colour chart of their offerings :)

Oh and by the way, they have different versions as well such as the famous Solotica Hidrocharme, but the Hidrocor ones (these ones) dont have a limbal ring, whereas the Hidrocharme ones do! 
I just assumed these ones would look more natural...?

The packaging

The little bottles (i already ripped off the aluminium seal)

These are the "Ice" ones, they are basically just very fine WHITE pixels! no blue whatsoever...and for some odd reason it makes them look like a blue grey! and wow what a difference it makes!

 With both contacts in :)

 Click on any image to zoom in so you can see it EXTRA DETAILED! :)

OK so these are the "MEL (HONEY)" ones! Some websites will say Mel, some will say Honey. (just language difference)

O yeah and these ones are basically very fine yellow pixels, which make eyes look honey green!

Supersize CLOSEUP!

These are designed to last a year, each package comes with its own contact lens casing, and instructions. 

They are FAR FAR more natural looking than the cheapo ones I've bought before (AUD$30) which were only designed to last a month.....

Plus these are so much more comfortable than the cheapo ones too!

The only odd issue i had with this was...the surface curvature of the lens is slightly rounder than my own eyeball, so i did experience some air bubbles where the whole lens didnt stick to my eyeball entirely, but a few blinks got them out and they were absolutely fine :)

Compared to the cheap ones, i can see out of these alot clearer, the cheap ones just clouded my vision!
 (NOTE: i dont have any vision problems so these are for cosmetic purposes only)

I like these a lot...hopefully ill get time to wear them after i graduate....oh gawd only 4 weeks left *dies*


  1. So pretty. I really like both of the ones you chose. I'm surprised you were able to choose between all the wonderful color selection.

  2. I think it's so gorgeous when Asian women wear blue contacts!

  3. thanks for excellent photos!!! both look so natural and beautiful on you.