Sunday, November 15, 2009

SWATCHES: Assorted blushes and bronzers

Yay swatch time!
had a little bit of time on my hands today so i thought id just test out some of the products i already have and my thoughts on them!

These are the three singular powder bronzers that i own, one Rimmel Natural bronzer, and two BYS bronzers, one is the normal one and the other one is a face and body bronzer from the island bronze range. The Rimmel one was probably more expensive than both the BYS's put together :P haha

Rimmel Natural Bronzer: is super natural, even though in the picture it looks like you can hardly see it, this is actually a good thing... it bronzes a nice natural brown that gives me a tanned glow without actualy altering the colour of my face. my fave :)

BYS bronzer powder: Honestly, whenever i use this, i get abit scared or use an extra light hand/brush. This is quite pigmented and doesnt blend very well, and its pigmented in a slightly bad way as its way too red and doesnt give a natural tan, sometimes its also too gliterry for my liking...but as i said, with a light hand and the right tools, i stil can get a softer tone to it.

BYS island bronze: this is even worse than the previous in terms of redness. This has more glitter and its abit too highly/dangerously pigmented for bronzer and is hard to blend, it often turns out uneven especially when i try to bronze my body, but i guess a good huge brush has a huge role to play here too. The only time this would work well is if you were already SUPER TANNED in skintone and was just looking for a nice glow to the cheeks/body. OR use a fibre optic brush :)

Okie dokie, the next cheek products to swatch are the Boujois blush pots, the brown one was aparently blush but i use it for bronzing :) whatevs same thing anyways. its for cheeks.

Actualy, all of these are really hardly compacted and it took a lot of layering to get the colours to come out on my arm so that i could take swatch pics, but the good thing is even though they are realy hard and dry, they arent powdery or ashy at all! you can see that nice glow and adherence to the skin when it is applied. I guess thats a nice quality about their blushes, you can build up the colour and sheen and blend it right in sooo subtly and smoothly as you wish.

The pink one, is a nice rosy pink with a gold sheen, pretty :) i usually apply it to the apples of my cheeks

The light pink/gold one, lacks in the pigment/colour department and has alot more really fine glitters, i use this for highlight!

The brown one, has alot less glitter but still has a glowy sheen, so sometimes i opt to use it for a bronzer underneath my cheekbones

Then comes the CREAM PRODUCTS! these are a cream bronzer and cream blush by SugarBaby

The Blush: this is the product i got first (in a sale for $4) and i fell in love with it, the colour was so perfect for some reason, it just had the right hues and undertones to work with my yellow/olive based skin and make it look so naturally flushed. Its the same dusky rose that i have found with "Everyday Minerals" swimming pool blush that i used in my Natural Look post. The benefit of it being in cream form was that it gave me the most gorgeously juicy GLOW. The formula is so soft, creamy and blendable, think the texture of souffle...mmmm <3 br="" it="" love="">
The bronzer: OMG WHAT A DISASTER! I loved the blush soo much that i went hunting for other cream cheek products hoping the get the same texture and effect, but just in a brown/bronze colour. Alas that did not turn out to be. The texture is completely different, its not soft and souffle-ey, rather its alot chalkier and drier (as u can see in the pic). The colour is way too unatural like the BYS bronzers before, way too red and too much glitter! noooo :(

Okay so now im going to do a review on the BYS shimmer balls that i bought previously...the first thing that caught me when i actually unwrapped the product and opened it, is that the shimmer balls werent powdery at all like the ones i tested in the shops; even though they were dry, they were more like clay dry, so they still stuck together in an elastic chunky sort of way, think bluetac mixed with lots and lots of powder. So when i tried to dab and roll my blush brush onto them, nothing really stuck to the brush...

its not that the product is bad at all, infact, its quite good for its price...still gives a gorgeous sheen when i roll a shimmerball between my fingers, the only problem is to get the shimmerness onto my brush that goes onto my face!!

dont worry, i know what to do....

Press, press, crush crush, crunch crush

yayyy! so now the product is in finer chunks, it finally can be picked up by my blush brush :)

look at that yummy glow :D

i love glow :D
that is all

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