Saturday, November 14, 2009

SHOPPING: Another trip to stingy retail therapy

okay, firstly im going to apologise...SORRY FOR THE ULTRA CRAP QUALITY OF THE IMAGES THAT WILL BE POSTED! its about 1:07AM and i had no energy to go outside to get my good camera to take proper i settled for my mac's photobooth instead...

so i went to garden city today and picked up a few bargains.

This is the first, its supposed to be a strengthening nail colour with calcium and iron to prevent breaking (my poor nails are in need of this right now!) they were $3! noice ;)

UPDATE: ok guys i just tried this and it goes on sooo sheer on the first 2-3 coats as if its transparent...but it dries quick and after i put on more and more layers, it becomes this gooorgeous milky pink with the awesomest shine!!! its like im wearing shiny acrylics but im not! i LOVE IT! buying some more...three bucks omg soo cheap.
well ok. these pics (mac inbuilt webcam) dont do it any justice. but whatever. its better than no picture :P

I couldnt resist was $ COME ON what DONT you buy for $1 :P (sorry about the photo, the quality was sooo bad that i had to photoshop in the real creamy pink colour that it was...the original photobooth photo made it look blue when it was pink.....weeeiiiird)

and foundation! im not exactly sure if its my colour...i tend to be alittle more on the tanned side, but hey if it doesnt work out for me i can always give it to my fair skinned-loving mother :) and the best bit about it was the price...

like OMG!!! foundation for a DOLLAR???? wow. just stunned :P

AND APART FROM THAT... ive actually made my first two purchases from ebay! BARGAIN!
my first purchase was a set of 40 FALSE LASHES. Usually from the shops in australia, a normal pair of falsies are an average of $14 - $18. Now i scored 40 pairs off ebay...for only AUD$ how is that even comprehensible...i think im never going to buy anything now unless i check if theres a FREAKIN CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE on ebay. like WOW.

The second BARGAIN that i got were these professional brush set of 34 at a bargain price of $28! thats like under a dollar per brush! again, at the shops today, i was checking out some brushes that (werent even the good brands such as MAC) and they sold for 16 dollars per brush....and im getting 34 amazing ones for less than a dollar each? WOW...i am in love with ebay

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