Tuesday, January 5, 2010

EOTD: Colourful Peacock?

Eye of the day! Peacock inspired im thinking? not sure, i just decided to play with the colours :P

The eye look below...sorry guys i cbf'd listing down the products i used, just look at the pics and copy the colours :P but for this look i recomend having high pigmented e/s or else it will be a pain in the arse to create and unpigmented, talced up eyeshadows wil just make you look grey and patchy and gross.

I used the cheap fake lashes from ebay, the natural style ones :)

and yeah i know that i did do the rest of my face therefore it should be an FOTD instead (face of the day) buttt its just your regular natural cream blush, highlighter, and nude lipstick/lipgloss...so theres nothing to discuss :P

and yes yes the false lash on the left eye is peeling at the corners. i even tried to photoshop it right, but i gave up prety quick cos im tired :P so just ignore that. this pic is for u to see my eyelids anyhoo!

okkk doneeee :P this is my lazy post bwahaha

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