Saturday, January 29, 2011

LOTD: My little sister attends a Red Carpet Party

I think you've all seen my sister (Joanna) before, in my previous posts. She always gets me to do her makeup for her balls and themed parties. This party was a Red carpet theme, and originally i was going for a classic red lip, nude eye, and winged liner look, but when she showed me her dress, i knew that something else would suit the outfit better. It was a deep royal purple dress, so i thought that i would do a really classy and mature wine coloured look, and make her look expensive by using champagnes and golds, along with sparkling accessories.

I was actually in a huge rush when i did her makeup (rushing home from the beach, i only had an hour to do everything including hair), so i didn't manage to document the steps or products i used. I only know that the lips are a combination of Kartricia lip tar (creamy purple) mixed with a deep Berry red lipstick that i owned, applied with a lip brush.

Turned out nicely, she looked elegant and classy imo. Hope you guys enjoy this look!

i dont know why, but the colouring of this photograph is a bit off...
the next two are better colour references (on a mac book pro calibrated screen)
i cant garuantee what colours you are seeing if u have another monitor! :P

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