Saturday, January 22, 2011

My first go at Eyelash extensions

Just to clarify, I am not a trained professional nor am I a student undergoing professional training in eyelash extensions; I just bought the supplies off ebay because i thought it would be interesting to try it out myself, and with the help of some vague youtube videos outlining the general procedure performed by trained professionals. I know a lot of people have been urging never to try do this yourself, or never to let an untrained person do it for you, but in my pre-defense, I have extremely good hand coordination (5 years art scholarship + design degree), and i practiced on fake lashes first :) 

Disclaimer: I am very aware of the many risks involved, i did a weeks worth of research reading up on every article, website and watching every video. This post is not a tutorial, and I am not trying to encourage you all to try pick this up and try it yourself, there is a possibility something could go wrong if you are not careful and don't do your research (or undergo proper training for that matter). This is just a record of what i decided to go forward with after weighing out the risks, after doing patch testing and practice on fake strip lashes. It is quite difficult to do, so don't let my post influence you in any negative way...this is just what i have done. I do not plan to carry this out as a professional service, because, well I'm not a qualified professional. The participant receiving the lashes were also aware of the risks :)

So meet my friend, Reena; she naturally has very short lashes, that measures from 1mm to 4mm at most, and has never liked wearing fake strip lashes daily. Luckily, her lashes arent also sparse, so extensions would be the perfect solution for her, since eyelash extensions are individual lashes adhered to an existing natural lash with very strong semi-permanent black glue (not the same glue used with strip lashes etc, this stuff is MUCH STRONGER).

Here is a picture of what her natural lashes look like:

So i had to set up for the proceedure, which includes steps such as taping down the bottom lashes (VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO MISS ANY HAIRS), priming the lashes (ridding it of any oils/residue), and using a lash comb to neaten the lashes (so its easier to work with).

After the first few lashes were placed down, this is what it looked like:

After many more were placed down..look at the difference! (i placed 8mm lashes, J curl):

Starting progress on the other eye:

More progress....

The results were  really good :) no mishaps occurred during the proceedure, my friend fell asleep haha, it was very time consuming took a total of 2 hours per eye (4 hours)! we took a dinner break in between :P



she finally has some natural looking lashes she can flaunt! yay for success!


  1. You should definitely go to training before you offer this as a service on your menu. Never trust any product off of ebay no matter what the sellers review is. I have been doing lash extensions since 2005, you have to be very careful. Especially with what products you use on someones eyes. Please do not take this as an insult but you can/will ruin someone's eyes if you do not get the proper training. Go to

  2. Thanks kim! Hey Cyn, im not/will not be offering this as a service :) ofcourse not, I am not qualified, its just for my close friend. I've read up alot on this, and i am well aware of the risks and so was my friend :) I was ultra ultra careful, and that is always important in any case of what you're doing :)

    P.S that is why this blog post isn't a tutorial of how i did it - not trying to promote to other people to do it themselves, just a record entry of what i have done

  3. oh to only have natural long lashes, and the great lengths we go to achieve it. I applaud you on a 4 hour adventure on trying this experiment out. by the first hour, i would have given up.

  4. Thanks so much for this info! I am considering the process so this entry was really useful.
    Love from a new follower here,

  5. i never had any problem, and they are all out already from wear and tear. just saying. maybe im lucky that they were put on properly.

    back to short lashes for now!