Sunday, August 15, 2010

LOTD: Pureluxe Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadows Purple haze

Another random look i snapped pictures of (i actually did this look 3 days ago but only uploaded them now), no idea what i used, probably PureLuxe mineral eyeshadows again. Ever since i tidied up my makeup drawer and whipped them out of their boxes, theyve been sitting in front of me so i tend to reach for them more now :)

Anyways, as u can tell i seem to always reach for the purples and oranges/golds, it just suits my skin tone i guess. I shall be more creative in the future! :P However this time the purples are used are more dusky, and i matched it to the lipstick which was a combination of NYX round lipsticks, i probably had like Rea, Circe, and Power mixed together or something. i really dont remember. I think its a very understated glam autumn look, and reminds me of suede :P Anyway, here are a few snapshots :)

goofy grin :P

I love these really nude and subdued purple shadess :D
do you?

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