Thursday, May 6, 2010

SHOPPING: Cherry Culture order

Hey peeps...
I've been so busy lately with uni and being super stressed out! Havent had time to do anything more with blogging, but i guess i had to post something, it seriously is a place i can escape to and relieve some stress! RANT!

Well so you all know, Cherry culture had a 10% off sale recently, and i couldnt be bothered waiting for a 20% off sale, so i spoilt myself and bought some items i had been wanting to try out for a while!

15 items for $35 is a darn good deal, but then the shipping comes in *rolls eyes*. For those of you who know me or read my blog. I AM THE BIGGEST STINGE! 
$50 is quite a pinch for me :P

and yes yes. i finally am jumping on the NYX round/mega gloss and concealer jar bandwagon...after reading many many rave reviews about them!

So, you can expect reviews in the future for these items...and because i am not a working beauty blogger with expendable income everymonth (god save the poor students), im planning on slowly reviewing my whole collection of products i already own. which is ALOT! so i shouldnt run out of hopefully interesting content :P

P.S i just need to express to you guys that I HATE THAT E.L.F DOESNT SHIP TO AUSTRALIA

outraged man. totaly. lol.

tatas ! xo

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